Biography of an artist....                              

     I was born in Romania 37 years ago, in a beautiful spring, in a city on the beach...Since I was a child I use to draw animals and sell them in front of my building, to other kids.  My mom used to say that I rip off the poor kids, that I take money and give them paper. It wasn't paper, it was my soul on that paper, my art. I used the money to buy  food for my cats that I used to grow in the back of my building, because I was never allowed to bring them home. I used to take all the little kittens and animals from the street, without parents and take care of them. And I drew them and make shows with them for food or money to buy food for them. I always loved cats.

I continued to draw and paint, and I've tried to become better and better and better. I went to a private art school, for a couple of years, and after that, for 7 years all I did was art.

I used to draw portraits on the street for tourists for 5 years, then I had some exhibitions with my ex-boyfriend, artist also . He helped me improve a lot in painting, he was a lot better than me. After, I went in Bucharest, the capital and I worked like illustrator for magazines, a lot of magazines and publishing houses, drawing illustrated books for children, cover books, and greeting cards. When was nothing left to do I came here, start all over again, going to college and taking a lot of workshops to become better and better and better....

My biggest love, after painting, are animals. Nothing in the world is more pure than animals. I respect them more than anything else. I love horses, the wild horses, the mustangs, because of their freedom and wildness, the Arabian horses are the most beautiful horses in the world, and palomino, because of their personality. Sometimes I think I should have been born a horse. I love tigers also for their cruel beauty and wildness and eagles because they are free to fly the sky. I love freedom, wildness and purity. That's why I love Harley Davidson motorcycles and racing cars and that's why I love James Dean and rebels. Everything that keeps me alive, creation, freedom and wildness. And love...I love to love...

If you never loved, you never lived.

I like the culture of the native Indians, I love their music, their Paw Wow dance and their clothes. So much color....I love colors and I love images. I also like the Spanish culture, for their flamenco guitar and dance  and the bullfighting with the matadors. And for their exotic beauty. I like the Latinos also for salsa and their passion. Latin American people are the most passionate people. I also like Arabic music and belly dance. And the Arabian  horses....

I like to be happy, I like to make myself happy. God blessed me with a wonderful  baby boy that makes me very happy . Art makes me happy. After I do a painting, I look at it for hours, trying to discover imperfections and fix them, trying to make it perfect. I am happy I created that and God gave the talent and the power to do it. My hobbies make me happy. I love to go to schools, take a lot of workshops and learn new things. I think knowledge is the only power in the world. I love to go to art schools and take art workshops, I love to take dance classes, I love to dance.  Belly dancing, salsa and Latino dance, flamenco, this is what interest me. Every day I want to be somebody else. Now I want to be an artist, now a belly dancer, now a flamenco guitar player or dancer. Is like I am possessed by a lot of talented spirits that come each once in a while and borrow me their talent and their power. Everywhere I go, everything I do, people say I was born for it. I was born for  art, no matter in what form. I live through art and art lives through me. I love to be a photographer and a model in the same time and photographers love me for my expressive faces. I just think with a photographer mind when I'm posing and I know what they want from me.

I like to fight too. I am not a fighter, but I see art in fighting. I love  boxing  and martial arts. I see art in everything. Sometimes I see art in a leaf from the street or in clouds. I guess I am a dreamer.

 I like to write also. Poetry is my favorite, I wish I could translate some of my poems and let you read them, but is hard to translate poetry in another language. I used to write books and articles for magazines. I was known for my spicy articles, for my venom and poison and for the cruel reality I was showing.

I worked for over 30 magazines and newspapers and few publishing houses. Now I hope I can do more that I have done there. I discovered a new hobby, photography.

For me , expression is everything. It doesn't exist beautiful or ugly, if it is expressive, is more than enough. I love acting also because you can have so many expressions you want, and you can be who ever you want. I see people with expressive faces and I ask them :"Hey, can I take your picture?". I use their pictures for my paintings or just for the sake of the art.

I love to create, I even create myself sometimes, because I get bored of the same look and the same behaviour. I like to be a new person every day. But inside I am the same. Wild in the heart, happy to have the opportunity to bring some happiness in some people's hearts and eyes and hungry for knowledge. Every day of my life I do something that will live after I wont. If I don't, than it's a wasted day. Because that's the most greatness in the world, to be immortal, to leave something behind you that will live forever. I thank God for that! Not to many people have that opportunity. I live life to the full, every day I live is like my last one. I want to do so many things, but I need another hundred lives for that. Every minute of my life is extremely important and I hate to waste time. Is painful to be different, but I take the pain instead of a boring life. Art is my cross! But it's the only thing that keeps me alive. If I couldn't create, I would die. Every painting that I do has a message and it reflects my soul, like a mirror. You can see if I am happy or sad by looking at what I am painting. I live through my art!

I hope you enjoy my art and if is anything you would like to buy or to tell me , please let me know by writing me an email. Thank you very much!

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